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What is a Medigap Hybrid?

Medigap Hybrid is a cross between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Self Insurance


  • Medicare Spplement Insurance

    This concept takes most of the risk and moves it to the insurance company. While over 85% of our clients like this concept, more and more are moving to the HYBRID MEDIGAP as it gives you the best of both worlds.

    Reasones people like the Medicare Supplement Plan F:

    • If medicare only pays 80%, the insurance policy covers the other 20%
    • These plans help off-set the overages the doctors charge above and beyond what Medicare pays
    • They like the ability of paying a fixed (KNOWN) amount each month, allowing them to budget future out-of-pocket medical expenses
    • Ease of use
    • Little Paperwork
    • Ability of Choice
    • Flexibility and Travel Flexibility
    • Medicare Supplements provide "Peace of Mind"
  • Medicare Self Insurance

    This concept is designed to minimize or eliminate the cost of insurance each month, while taking on all the risk medical expenses.

    Reasons People Self Insurance:

    • Save on costly Insurance Premiums
    • They believe they are healthy and don't mind the risk of the medical bills
    • Have plenty of money set aside for future medical expenses
    • Covered by a trust or estate
    • Don't want to pay the insurance company any more then they have to
    • Have had years of health and limited medical expenses

  • Hybrid Medigap

    This represents the best of both worlds.

    The concept is to purchase what is know as a

    Medicare Supplement Plan F
    (High Deductible)

    with a very low monthly cost.

    (Typically saving over $1000.00 a year in premiums alone)

  • +PLUS+
  • MEDIGAP ANNUITY, allows you to put the money you save (up to $2040 each year apx.) into an account that typically pays intrest, designed to pay the insurance deductible of arround $2040.

  • So you have about the same monthly outlay , but if you don't get sick or don't use the money in the annuity it rolls over and typically collects interest.
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