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What is the difference between Medicare Supplement Plan F and Plan G?

The main difference between Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F and Medicare Supplement Plan G is Plan F covers the Part B deducible which is around $147; Plan G does not cover this charge.

Plans F and G are the only Medicare Supplement insurance plans that cover costs known as Medicare Part B excess charges. An excess charge is the difference between what a doctor or provider charges and the amount Medicare will pay.

Special Note: Because this is the Medicare Part B deductible you only required to pay it 1 time a year , so if you move to a Plan G with another medicare supplement company and you have already met your deductible for the current year with that company you do not have to meet it again on your new plan with the new company.

The Plan G is quickly becoming the plan of choice for many of our customers. It’s a great option if you want a lower monthly premium. Give us a call1-800-MEDIGAP or 1-800-633-4427 for more details.