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When Can I Change my Medicare Supplement Insurance?


Many people believe the only time they can change their medicare supplement plan is during the Annual Election Period that is typicall in the last quarter of the year, and that is just not so. People confuse AEP and CHOICE. If you have chosen a Medicare supplement insurance plan (MEDIGAP) you have the choice to change ANY TIME!! Thats right you can change every month if you want as long as you can pass the underwriting guidlines of the insurance company you choose to insure you.

  • Changing Medicare Supplement Plans


    The process is fairly easy. You can go online or call an agent, and in most cases enroll in a new plan right over the phone. In somes cases you could have your new plan, with a POLICY NUMBER in under 1 hour. Some insurance companies still require a wet signature, so you will need to FAX or mail in you application.


  • Switching Medigap Plans


    Medigap and Medicare Supplement are the same product, just called different things in different parts of the country. Some people also call them:

    • Medigap
    • Medicare Supps
    • Med Supp
    • Medicare Wrap Arround
    • Medicare Insurance
    • Gap Coverage
    • Medical Gap Insurance
    • Retirement Insurance
    • Hybrid Medicare and more...
    • Medicare Supplemental

  • Top Reasons to change your Medicare Insurance


    • Switching Medigap Plans
    • Rate Changes have increased your monthly premium out of your budget
    • Plan Provider has dropped coverage in that state
    • Service of carrier or plan customer support

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