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What is a Medicare Replacement plan?

It is a "Medicare Advantage Plan" or also known as a "Medicare Part C"


  • Medicare Advantage Plan

    These plans offer the same basic coverage from insurance company to insurance company, but may have differences like: Monthly Costs

  • Medicare Part C

    Mant people like these plans for their low monthly cost, but may not fully understand the overall cost of ownership. Once you satart to use one of these plans there are out of pocket expenses that really start to add up.


  • Switching away from a Medicare Advantage Plan

    Our advice is to understand the diference between a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan and a Medicare Advantage plan.

    If you have a medicare advantage plan, typicall you have to wait until the Anual Election Period toward the end of each year to make a change for the 1st of the following year.


  • +BEWARE+
  • If your health has changed, you may not qualify medically for a new Medicare Supplement Insurance plan because of the carrier underwriting.

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  • REMBER: The policy you enroll in today, may be the last one you qualify for.

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