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Medigap Insurance:  What Is It And How Can I Get It?

As the baby-boomer generation is approaching retirement age the word Medigap Insurance has become a very popular word. 

The question is:  What does it mean and how will it affect me?  Turning 65 can be a very traumatic thing for some people, for others it is just a number.  However you choose to look at it turning 65 will mean a lot of changes for you.  65 is the age when most people consider retirement so they can enjoy a slower pace of life and perhaps do things that they have never had time for.  It can be a very confusing time as well, especially when it comes to senior health care coverage.

When you turn 65 it is important to know what your options are when in comes to senior health care coverage.   On the first day of the month that you turn 65 you are automatically enrolled in Medicare.  Medicare is a program that is designed to cover 80% of you medical care cost, leaving you with about a 20% portion.  While this is a good program to have, if you have a serious illness and require a lot of care your 20% can add up fast leaving you with medical bills that total hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  This is where a good Medigap plan or senior supplement plan comes into play.  If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A then you can get a Medigap supplement plan.  This plan will take up where traditional Medicare leaves off.  For a small monthly premium payment you can have your 20% portion of your medical care covered 100%.  That is great news for the baby-boomer generation, especially if you are on a fixed income.  In addition, when you enroll during the open enrollment period you have guaranteed coverage regardless of the condition of your health without having to go through the underwriting process.

Don’t let this time of life become confusing for you.  It is suppose to be a time where you can relax and enjoy yourself.  The experts at 1-800-MEDIGAP can help you navigate your way through the senior health care insurance maze.  With one phone call you can have your choice of coverage from some of the largest insurance carriers. Medigap Insurance agents waiting to help you take care of your Medigap insurance needs.  Don’t hesitate call today.


Things you need to plan for when turning 65 !

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment: “Things To Do”

Are you the type of person that has to plan everything out so that you feel like you are in control?  Is your life, a long list of “things to do”?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then there is one more thing you need to add to your list, especially if you are approaching retirement age and this will certainly make you feel that you are more in control that you ever have been.  You must pick up the phone and call your medigap insurance agent and ask for information regarding Medicare supplement open enrollment.  This bit of information could mean the difference of being financially secure in retirement to absolute destitution.  Let me explain.

As you may be aware, once you reach 65 you are automatically enrolled in traditional Medicare.  Medicare will cover approved procedures and service for items such as hospitalizations, emergency services, out patient services and medical equipment.  It is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B.  While Part A is essentially your hospitalization coverage, Part B is you medical coverage.  Part B will require a monthly premium as well as deductibles and co-payments.  It is great coverage and it will cover 80% of approved procedures and services leaving the remaining 20%, which is your responsibility.  If you are in excellent health the remaining 20% may not be a big deal for you.  However, if you have and kind of medical condition you may be setting yourself up for a financial disaster, especially if you are among the many who will be on a fixed income in your retirement years. This certainly will not figure into your plans and you will feel more out of control than ever before.  With a Medicare supplement plan you can plan almost to the penny what you out go will be as far as expenses for health care is concerned. 

As was stated above you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare at age 65, at that time you are eligible to enroll on a Medicare supplement plan.  If you do enroll during the open enrollment phase you have guaranteed coverage regardless of the condition of your health.  For one monthly premium payment your 20% responsibility will be covered 100%.  So go ahead and make your list of “things to do”, but be sure that calling 1-800-MEDIGAP.

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