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  • Hot-line Agent

    As a hot-line agent, you will get access to our most valuable asset, our toll free hotline 1-800-MEDIGAP.

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    • Includes up to 1000 minutes a month
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    Included with your Zip Code you will get a fully optimized marketing page, to help you drive even more business leveraging our brand.

    Marketing site includes
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  • Strategic Partnerships Available

    We have several ways to work with:
    • Brands
    • FMO's
    • Carriers
    • Media Outlets
    • Independent Agents
    • Clearing Houses
    • Government Agencies
    • Groups
    • P&C Lines
    • Associations
    • Affinity Groups
    • Call-centers
    • General Agencies
    • Co-op branding opportunities
    • Hospitals
    • Self-Funding orginizations
    • ASO/PEO
    • and many more...

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  • 1-800-MEDIGAP

    "Agent Extras"

    If you are serious about building your business this may be your best option.

    Our partners take advantage of the all technology, branding and services we utilize nationwide, PLUS:

    • Up to 1000 minutes a month
    • Unlimited use of our brand (and Wink*)
    • Advanced Follow-me features
    • Discounted Business material
    • Digital Optimization
    • Local Agent Requests
    • Exclusive Direct Calls
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We want to partner with our agents, to deliver an amazing brand experiance! We are not looking to have 256,000 agents, we are looking to have 20 million satisfied customers who had an amaziing brand experiance and have given us the privilege to serve them.

  • Out toll-free hot line sets us apart!

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    Our goal is to leverage the BRAND, and:

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  • Our people make the difference

    We believe we are better together , than apart.

    "A rising tide lifts all boats"

    Out team concept offers:

    • Opportunity to "Team with the BEST"
    • Real-time Community Support
    • Ability to work in a win-win culture
    • Access to duplicatable systems of success
    • Rewards for Quality Service
    • Access to millions in technology
    • Leverage other success
    • Dedicated team members focused on key business diciplines, so you can focus on what you do best!
  • Brand POWER 101

    Most people see the value of the brand, but don't really understand the metrics behind the value of a brand.

    1-800-MEDIGAP "Magic"

    • A vanity brand increases calls by 37% over time -vs- non-vanity advertising
    • 87% of people TRUST a vanity over a non-vanity number
    • Consumers are 90% more likley to remember your number.
    • Close rates go up, when consumers TRUST their brand
    • Consumers have remembered the vanity number 4 years later.
    • Engagement lifts by 21% day one
    • Referrals are 80% more likley
    • Deman goes up over time

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