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1-800-MEDIGAP is Americas trusted source for Medicare Supplement Insurance serving those on Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, typically in the over 65 market.


As the brand leader in our space, we have developed several tools that allow us to leverage technology to provide better overall service to all our customers. We believe in the "Rising Tide Lifts all boats" philisophy, and allow other business to tie into or take advantage of our success and technology abalities. Due to the overwhelming success of our Enterprise Level systems, we have launched our most successful technologies for use by individuals.

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Custom Business Applications

You can leverage our brand four ways, one just right for every agent and agency!

  • Lead Mulitiplier

    1-800-MEDIGAP has developed a predictive analytic algorithm for an increase of over 30% success for their core insurance business. We have taken this technology and made it available to use in app format.

    You will plug in simple demographic information about a high value or targeted customer. Our algorithm will find this consumer in our 200million strong database, and recover up to 400 consumer data points, then the algorithm will score the lead using a proprietary system and then pull other potential consumers in an area that are with in a 90% match of your know perfect customer.

    This app can give you limitless supply of leads, multiplying a few leads into hundreds of leads that can fill up your CRM driving sales. The ROI on this APP is infinite. We offer a SERVER based ENTERPRISE LEVEL package as well call 972.299.8493.

    • Predicitive Analytics
    • Unlimited use of our algortyhim
    • Advanced Lead Scoring features
    • Local Match over 90%
    • 200million plus "BIG DATA"
    • Community Support
    • No contracts required
    insurance leads
    37% Increase in connectivity

    1-800-MEDIGAP uses this technology at an enterprise level and has seen over a 37% increase in connects. We all know leads are worthless, if you cant connect with them and OUT OF STATE and TOLL FREE numbers are mosre likly to be ignores when seen on a caller ID. Local numbers are 50% more likely to be answered, if a caller is not familiar with a number.

    Our system allows you to Dial an number, and before connecting converting the out-going caller ID to convert to a number in our database with a similar area code to the person you are dialing. If that person sees the number on the caller ID, and calls the number back, it will direct to the person who used it last making sure you increase your connectivity, driving sales. This is another

    • Up to 1000 min a month
    • Access to hundreds of local phone numbers
    • Call Back Match technology
    • 24 x 7 access

    Coming Soon! (Uploaded-waiting approval)

  • medicare seminars and medicare information

    Medicare Seminars

    We have developed a 2 piece application for consumers and agents wanting to connect via Medicare Seminars and Medicare Informational meetings. Our MEDICARE SEMINARS app can be downloaded for free on iTunes, and used to find and RSVP for medicare seminars in the consumers area. Our AGENT AP Pcan be downloadad to become the agents seminar Planning, Lead Generation and R.S.V.P portal designed to streamline the process for buys agents on the go.
  • insurance leads


Check out our National TV advertising with spokes person Wink Martendale.

Our marketing and advertising department, is available to businesses looking to grow and brand, and would like to leverage our success and learnings.

Productivity Applications

We want to partner with our agents, to deliver an amazing brand experiance! We are not looking to have 256,000 agents, we are looking to have 20 million satisfied customers who had an amaziing brand experiance and have given us the privilege to serve them.

  • Medigap Quote Engine



    To the 10,000 people turning 65 every day!

  • We're Hiring-Our people make the difference!

    We believe we are better together , than apart.

    "A rising tide lifts all boats"

    Out team concept offers:

    • Opportunity to "Team with the BEST"
    • Real-time Community Support
    • Ability to work in a win-win culture
    • Access to duplicatable systems of success
    • Rewards for Quality Service
    • Access to millions in technology
    • Leverage other success
    • Dedicated team members focused on key business diciplines, so you can focus on what you do best!
  • Brand POWER 101

    Most people see the value of the brand, but don't really understand the metrics behind the value of a brand.

    1-800-MEDIGAP "Magic"

    • A vanity brand increases calls by 37% over time -vs- non-vanity advertising
    • 87% of people TRUST a vanity over a non-vanity number
    • Consumers are 90% more likley to remember your number.
    • Close rates go up, when consumers TRUST their brand
    • Consumers have remembered the vanity number 4 years later.
    • Engagement lifts by 21% day one
    • Referrals are 80% more likley
    • Deman goes up over time

Our Custom Video Artists make waves in our indusrty!

Many of our fully animated videos have over 100,000 views and rank amoung the top keywords they are designed to market to on Youtube and in Google search. Put our team to work for you, call 972.800.670 for more details.

Health & Wellness

We want to partner with our agents, to deliver an amazing brand experiance! We are not looking to have 256,000 agents, we are looking to have 20 million satisfied customers who had an amaziing brand experiance and have given us the privilege to serve them.

  • Pill Finder

    Our goal is to leverage the BRAND, and:

    • Identify pills by Color
    • Identify pills by Shape
    • Identify pills by Number

    10,000 people turning 65 every day, and miss use of prescriptions on the rise. Help stop this problem.

  • Doctor Finder

    • All Networks
  • Pharamacy Finder


    • All Brands
    • All Networks

Animated Business Tutorials work well too!

Connect with are technology & rendering department at 972.800.6670 to get started on your brands needs.

Fun & Games

We have identified many of the most popular apps, and have given them a PAR for those in the older demographis. These games are like the ones your kids and grand kids play, but we have made them a bit eaiser so you can compete with the younger ones :)

  • Flappy Anmials

    • Birds
    • Bugs
    • Pets


  • Crossing Roads

    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Personalized Items
  • Flying Birds


    • Birds
    • Rasin
    • Other objects



Custom Call Center Applications


    • Quote Engines
    • CRM
    • Telephony Systems & VOIP/WEBRTC developement
    • Lead Delivery Systems
    • Lead Enhancements
    • Lead Mulitiplier (Enterprise Level)



Connect with our technology department at 972.800.6670 to get started on your brands needs.

Custom Enterprise Applications

Most of our personal applications are derived from enterprise level systems developed to manage the 1-800-MEDIGAP brand, as well as add technology and "Big Data" that support a win-win eco-system.


    • Speed Dialers to increase productivity to 100 dials per hour.
    • Local Presence technology, that increased our in-house call connection rate by 37%
    • Predicitive Analytics, that have increased our ROI by 21% online
    • Lead Scoring ststem that increased our conversions by 30%


TRIVIA: Who spent over $125,000,000 on National TV advertising last year?

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Custom TV & Print Production


  • Marketing & Advertising team are among the best in the industry, and we are happy to share their skill sets when we have oprnings.

    • TV Commercial Production
    • Magazine Production and Layout
    • Direct Mail campaigns and more