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Medicare Advantage Plans
does medicare cover what a relief back pain centers

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Back Pain and Medicare



The questions we get asked most frequently,"Is my natural solution to my problem covered?"

Medicare plans in general may not cover all natural or hemopathic solutions to care, unless they are prescribed by a DR. These items are most likely not covered by your medicare Part A and medicare Part B, so they wont have a benefit from your medicare supplement plan either.


  • Over the counter medications
  • Orthodics from a vending unit or mall. They may look and act like the ones you get from your DR. at a fraction of the price but unless they are prescribed and then purchased through a DME supplier you may not see any benefits!
  • A walker from Walmart (again you need to get a prescription and acquire it through the proper chanels if you want Medicare to cover it_
  • Back Pain Relief Protocols - These can have all natural options at a fraction of the cost but unless prescribed by a doctor they may not be covered.


Long story short there are many ways to utilize your benefits toward back pain but you need to follow the MEDICARE guidlines if you want to use the medicare benefits for back pain relief.



There is so much that you need to know when deciding what plan is right for you and then what plan will be the best for your situation. To help with sorting all of the information you can call 1-800-MEDIGAP (1-800-633-4427) to speak with someone who can help with a private insurance policy to supplement your Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans

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