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What If I Only Want My Funeral Costs Covered?

People seeking insurance that strictly covers the costs of a funeral will find burial-insurance a suitable option. Burial insurance gives the insured peace-of-mind that the costs of a funeral will be paid for. Burial-insurance is actually a misnomer. Its connotation leads many people to believe it doesn’t cover funeral costs or cremation. In reality, it covers the entire funeral and cost of burial or cremation. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral cost $7, 045 in 2012. This amount doesn’t include the cost of purchasing a cemetery plot or vault. During 2012, funeral homes charged an average base service fee of $1,975 for planning the funeral. Each part of the funeral service—transfer of the remains, embalming, viewing, ceremony conduction, use of a hearse, limousine-service, printed memorial for funeral attendees, obituary, cremation service, and casket—has a charge in addition to the basic service fee. When family members make funeral arrangements, they find themselves left to pay the cost if the deceased didn’t have insurance. In some instances, general-life-insurance policies can help alleviate the cost of the funeral, but burial-insurance sets guidelines for how the money will be spent. It gives family members the ability to have more knowledge about the type of service the deceased wished to have. When purchasing a burial-insurance policy, the company will ask about the types of services requested. This allows the insurance company to issue a policy with coverages that will meet or exceed the expected cost of the funeral. Furthermore, this type of policy comes from the custom of funeral homes providing contracts to prepay for funeral services, commonly known as pre-need arrangements. In this type of contract, a person would pay for their services before death. Many people may find themselves moving hours away from the selected funeral home prior to their death, thus rendering the policy forgotten or useless. With the federal government creating limitations and regulations on these contracts, burial-insurance provides the same type of relief without the hassle of government intervention and obligation to a specific funeral home.