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My Teeth Hurt, and I Can’t Pay Out-Of-Pocket For a Dentist.

Dental work remains one of the most expensive services a person receives in life. Many people choose to forego dental exams and preventative maintenance due to the financial cost. The rise of sugar in the American diet contributed to this crisis of cavities, bad-breath fueled by Gingivitis, and infections spread from oral abscesses. While teeth causing health problems seem absurd, they have been linked to complications causing kidney or cardiovascular failure. 


Senior Dental Insurance

Dental insurance covers many of the expenses associated with an office visit or procedure. The policy has set limitations on deductibles, number of visits covered, and co-payments. Also, the insured can select a policy designed to cover additional complications from dental work. On occasion, the dental work may warrant a visit to a physician to scrape the jawbone, where infections have set up.  Dental-insurance allows the insured to set and keep appointments to maintain the health and integrity of his teeth. With a minimal copayment, due at the time of service, the insured can keep a bright, white smile. Most dental-insurance policies cover the costs of orthodontia services. Orthodontics, or braces, straighten and align the teeth into their proper position. Many minors have braces on their teeth, and the parents must pay $1000s for the brace’s application, maintenance, and removal. 

Many people experience the mind-numbing pain associated with a toothache. These instances routinely require extraction, which costs at least $100 or more without insurance. By choosing to spend a similar amount of money for a six-month insurance period, people can have advanced dental work to save teeth that would be otherwise extracted. A root-canal costs nearly $2000, and it’s the only way to save a rotting or cracked tooth. Since many people have neglected to care for their teeth, many find themselves in need of a teeth cleaning. During this process, a dental-hygienist scrubs the teeth with a specialized gel to remove tartar and built-up plaque. Sound’s simple; doesn’t it? Well, this procedure costs $100 minimally. These scenarios describe a few of the most common dental procedures. Doesn’t it make sense to spend the money on an insurance-policy, as opposed to spending it on a single-office procedure?

Shockingly, many people choose to avoid the dentist’s office. Dentistry remains a feared and expensive profession. The stereotypical kid screaming with the sound of a dental-drill in the background pops into the mind of anyone thinking of seeing a dentist. Advancements in technology have greatly reduced the amount of pain and time required in getting quality dental care. However, due to the not-immediately-medically-necessary nature of dental care, most people choose to sacrifice their teeth for more money in the meanwhile. Dental-insurance covers all of the procedures found in modern dentistry, and the advantages outweigh the drawbacks to obtaining dental care. Most dental-insurance policies cost less than the amount spent on a monthly cell-phone bill. When someone compares the potential cost of dental work to the cost of a dental-insurance-policy, the insured path proves to be the best and most fulfilling option.