Medicare Insurance 1-800-MEDIGAP
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1-800-MEDIGAP for Employers

EMPLOYERS choose 1-800-MEDIGAP service and technology to help their employees transition for their current group benefits to a MEDIGAP Supplemental insurance plan.

Who better to assist your employees than the leader with the most memorable toll free number. We are much more that a memorable number, Employers choose us for trusted advice and proven platform to ensure a smooth human resources transition for their organization and employees during the retirement process.

Because we are the leading toll free hotline, we have a wide variety of plan options and services to fit all company size needs. If you are a group administrator, a business owner or have the responsibility to help your employees move off their Major medical group plan call our EMPLOYERS HOTLINE at 1-888-533-3254 to get a risk free assessment sent to you at no charge.