If your looking for Gap Insurance for your care , keep looking. This is Gap Insurance for your health insurance plan or Medicare Insurance.

How to fill the gaps in your new health plan!

With all the new changes in law, many people are now on plans that are much different that they are used to.


Understanding the plan you now have in this OMABACARE age, is very important.


Many people for the first time in their lives will have health insurance, however the millions of people who lost their coverage or were forced to move to a new "SKIN IN THE GAME" type plan, are now left with some major medical gaps thay did not have before.


A family my now have to pay over $12,000 more a year if they utilize their plan, and that is ABOVE AND BEYOND their newly increased monthly premiums.

medical gap insurance


Many carriers have responded to this new consumer demand, with MEDICAL GAP insurance plans, similar to the MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT PLANS that most seniors purchase when they turn 65 to offset the gaps in their Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B or their "ORIGINAL MEDICARE".


As the leader in Medicare Gap insurance, we have found ourselves in the position to help those in need of MEDICAL GAP INSURANCE.


Health Insurance Supplements or (MEDIGAP PLANS)

bronze healthcare plan, by obamacare

These new Health insurance supplements or medical gap insurance plans (AKA MEDIGAP) are very reasonably priced and can help eliminate the gap your new health insurance plan has.


These new plans will come in various options, like:






Prices will vary depending on your age, location and ammount of protection you desire. Depending on the health insurance plan you chose, you may be able to get additional coverage for as little as $29.00/mo.


These new plans may also have additional benefits like:

-Accidental Death Benefits

-Life Insurance

-Cance Insurance


As the leader in MEDIGAP for your parents and grandparents, we will soon become a valued resources for your too.


Please call 1-800-MEDIGAP (1-800-633-4427) for additional information.


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Hello friends, Wink Martindale here, find protection and help needed, call my friends at 1-800-MEDIGAP.