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  • Medicare INformation

    Medicare Seminars

    Medicare Seminars are designed for individuals turning 65 or those on Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B. These educational workshops are designed to be a safe non-threating way to get information regarding Medicare, Social Security and other important topics surrounding Medicare.

    1-800-MEDIGAP is the leading help-line for Medicare Supplemental Insurance and hosts many of these events around the country to help you understand medicare and Medicare Health Insurance. We also understand how important these workshops are, so we will also post on our calendar other seminars being put on by agents, carriers and other providers just to make sure you have as many opportunities to get the information you need. We understand these are confusing times, and want to give you every opportunity to get the facts about Medicare and your options.


  • Medicare Apps

    Medicare Information

    Informational meetings and educational workshops are not intended to be a place where you would buy anything, not is it even allowed. In-fact the government and CMS have very strict guidelines printed in their 119 page Medicare Marketing Guidelines download found at CMS.gov.

    If you would like to find Medicare Seminars near you enter your zip above and R.S.V.P a spot or you can gownload our Medicare Semirare app on iTunes for FREE.

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    Agents,Brokers,Providers and Insurance companies update your meeting locations 30-90 days in advance.


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    Our Goal


    Our goal is to keep our consumers and potential customers well informed. This MEDICARE SEMINARS section is not the entire list of meetings and seminars in the US , but the ones we have been notified of. It is designed to be a resource or tool. It is not approved by CMS, nor do we certify that the list of presenters on this site have notified CMS.

    We will do our best to update the Medicare Seminars App and website. If you know of a meeting or workshop in your area not on the list, please let the presenter know they can include their information as well to help your friends and neighbors.

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Medicare Guidelines

We are happy to team up professionals around the country, to provide educational meetings and Medicare seminars.


    "An educational event is an event designed to inform Medicare beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug or other Medicare programs and does not include marketing "

    " it is to ensure that events that are advertised as “educational” are only educational and comply with CMS’ requirements."


    So keeping with the law, and the spirit of education all meetings shall be marked EDUCATIONAL or MARKETING/SALES which would indicate that there will be the option to enroll in insurance and other related plans.

    "Marketing/sales events are events designed to steer, or attempt to steer, potential enrollees toward a plan or limited set of plans. At marketing/sales events, plan representatives may discuss plan specific information and collect applications."

    These types of evens must "Notifying CMS" of Scheduled Marketing Events per section 70.9.1 and follow the guidelines set for these types of events.

    Footnotes: http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Health-Plans/ManagedCareMarketing/Downloads/2016-Medicare-Marketing-Guidelines-Updated.pdf