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Related Medicare Supplemental Insurance and MEDIGAP NEWS

AARP Medicare Supplement- AARP Medicare Supplement is insurance by United Health Care. When deciding on a AARP Medicare Supplement Plan, it is imperative to consider all of your individual insurance needs to ensure that you receive the best health care coverage for the very best price.

Medicare Advantage Plan-Medicare Advantage Plans, oftern referred to Medicare Part C Plans, is very benefitial to be enrolled with. Medicare Advantage plans are general managed care plans, meaning that they usually operate through HMO (health maintenance organization) or PPO (preferred provider organization). Medicare Advantage Plans offer the same coverage as Medicare part A and Medicare part B. However, they also may offer additional coverage such as: Vision, hearing, deantal, etc.

Medicare Insurance Supplements-Medicare Insurance Supplemental are crucial if you want to save money! Medicare Insurance Supplemental help cover the gap that Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B do not cover. Medicare Part A and B only cover up to 80%, leaving you to pay the remaining 20%. Once you enroll in Medicare Insurance Supplements, you will be 100% covered!

Medicare Part D Comparison- Most people are aware of Medicare Part A and B, but most people do not know about the importance of Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D is your presciption drug plan, the plan helps you afford paying for all of your prescriptions. Once you complete yor Medicare Part D comparison, you will realize how benefiital Medicare Part D is.

Medicare Part D Plans-Medicare Part D plans is the prescription drug part of Medicare. Medicare Part D offer prescription drug coverage that Medicare A and B do not. If you find yourself with a lot of medications, consider a Medicare Part D plan to help save you money!

Medicare Supplement Cost- When considering a Medicare Supplement Plan, one may be concerned with the cost. In order to find the Medicare Supplement cost, you first have to find the company you wish to use. It is important to search for the best company to fit your individual needs. If the Medicare Supplement cost is a huge fact, you must find a company offering the best policiy for the most affordable prices.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Costs- If you are having difficuly deciding if you need a Medigap Policy, you should view your hospital bills within the last year. Depending on the amount of your bills, you may want to consider Medicare Supplement Insurance. Once you decide that a Medicare SUpplement Insurance Plan is something you are considering, you must look at different companies and different plans. Medicare Supplement Insurance Costs differ from company to company. Therefore, it is imperative that you do your research to find the best plan for you!

Medicare Supplement Insurance Premium-The Amount you will be spending on a Medicare Supplement insurance premium is important to most seniors. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans differ just as the the monlthly premiums do. Once you decide the a Medicare Supplement Insurance is something you are considering, you must do your research! Reasearch different companies as well as different plans.

Medicare Supplement N Medicare offers 14 different Plans named as Medicare Part A through Medicare Part N. Each plan specializing and offering different things. Specifically, Medicare part N, also known as Medigap N, pays the deductible for Medicare part A, but not for Medicare Part B. Plan N however, will be pay the coinsurance for Medicare Part B.

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison-As you may know, there are many different Medicare Plans. All of these Medicare plans do not cover all health care costs and prescriptions. Keeping this in mind, Medicare Supplement plans do. They help cover the "gaps" that Medicare plans do not fully cover. Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison can show you what you may cover for the costs of your healthcare.

Medicare Supplement Plans-There are various Medicare plans indentified as Medicare A through Medicare N. All of these plans however, will not have you 100% covered. This is exactly why you need to consider Medicare Supplement Plans. Medicare Supplement plans cover the "gaps" in health insurance that are not covered. Once you enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan, you will be 100% covered, saving you money in the long run.

Medicare Supplement Quote- There are several different types of Medicare supplement insurance plans. Each plan is labeled from A through N and they each cover a different sector of treatment. You have to take the time to study carefully what each plan covers; this way, you can make a more informed decision based on your needs. With each company you think about signing up with, always call the company first for a Medicare Supplement Quote. Once your receive the quotes, its important to compare so that you are able to find the Medicare Supplement Plan that fits all of your insurance needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Costs-Medicare Supplemental Insurance Costs differ depending on the company. Although Medicare A through N are usually standardized, the cost of Medicare upplemental Insurance cost various depending on the plan and company.

Medicare Supplements Are available for those 65 years or older. Sometimes, Medicare Supplements are available a few months prior to reaching the age of 65 as well. As you begin to look into Medicare, you may come accross Medicare Supplements too. Medicare Supplements fill the gaps in your Medicare coverage.

Medigap Insurance Plans- Although Mediare offeres coverage, they do not cover you 100%. In fact, they only cover you up to 80%, leaving you responsible to pay the remaining amout. This can add up to a large amount of money. Therefore, if you are looking to save money and be 100% covered, it is important that you find a Medigap Insurance Plan.

Medigap Insurance- Medicare Supplemental Insurance, often referred to Medigap Insurance, is available to qualified participants who are 65 years old or older. Medigap Insurance covers the "Gap" left by your Medicare coverage. When it comes to Medigap insurance, you pay a monthly premium and in return you will be 100% covered.

Medigap Plans- Unlike Medicare Plans, Medigap Plans allow you to 100% covered. There are various Medigap Plans so you can find the best Medigap Plan for you for the very best price.

Medigap-Policies- Are typically offered and enrolled in when you are 65 years old, or in some casts a few months prior to those who have researched and planned ahead of time.

Medigap- Medigap insurance is an insurance plan that will cover costs that Medicare may not cover. You could think of it as an insurance plan that will fill in the “gaps” in Medicare coverage. Medigap can also be referred to as a Medicare supplement plan.

Supplemental Medicare Plans - As we age, our health tends to decline. Therefore, you will be go to doctors and receiving more medications now than ever! If you only have Medicare, you will be required to pay 20% of healthcare expenses. Once you enroll in Supplemental Medicare plans, you will be 100% covered, leaving you to pay no healthcare expenses.

Senior Health Coverage- Senior Health coverage can be overwelming and confusing. To better understand the different types of senior health coverage, you must do your research. You can do your research on the computer, talk to a friend, or your can call an speak with a local agent. Regardless of what you may choose, it is important do you research so that you know the basics of senior health coverage.

- As you become older, you become more and more aware of Medicare. Sometimes though, we are not aware of the Supplemental Health Plans that are offered as well. There are so many great advantages to Medicare, but there are even more great advantages to Supplemental Health Plans.

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare- As mentioned previously, Supplemental insurance for Medicare fills the gaps that basic Medicare does not cover. Once enrolled with Supplemental Insurance for medicare, you will find that you will be saving yourself money.


Medigap-Man-Headshot- Check out Medigap-Man's headshot from his photoshoot!

Medigap-Man-Paparazzi - Check out this picture paparazzi caught of Medigap-Man!

Medigap-Man-Photoshoot- Take a look at some pictures from Medigap-Man's most recent photoshoot

Medigap-Man-Red-Carpet- Look at Medigap-Man's red carpet appearance!

Medigap Insurance:  What Is It And How Can I Get It?

As the baby-boomer generation is approaching retirement age the word Medigap Insurance has become a very popular word. 

The question is:  What does it mean and how will it affect me?  Turning 65 can be a very traumatic thing for some people, for others it is just a number.  However you choose to look at it turning 65 will mean a lot of changes for you.  65 is the age when most people consider retirement so they can enjoy a slower pace of life and perhaps do things that they have never had time for.  It can be a very confusing time as well, especially when it comes to senior health care coverage.

When you turn 65 it is important to know what your options are when in comes to senior health care coverage.   On the first day of the month that you turn 65 you are automatically enrolled in Medicare.  Medicare is a program that is designed to cover 80% of you medical care cost, leaving you with about a 20% portion.  While this is a good program to have, if you have a serious illness and require a lot of care your 20% can add up fast leaving you with medical bills that total hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  This is where a good Medigap plan or senior supplement plan comes into play.  If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A then you can get a Medigap supplement plan.  This plan will take up where traditional Medicare leaves off.  For a small monthly premium payment you can have your 20% portion of your medical care covered 100%.  That is great news for the baby-boomer generation, especially if you are on a fixed income.  In addition, when you enroll during the open enrollment period you have guaranteed coverage regardless of the condition of your health without having to go through the underwriting process.

Don’t let this time of life become confusing for you.  It is suppose to be a time where you can relax and enjoy yourself.  The experts at 1-800-MEDIGAP can help you navigate your way through the senior health care insurance maze.  With one phone call you can have your choice of coverage from some of the largest insurance carriers. Medigap Insurance agents waiting to help you take care of your Medigap insurance needs.  Don’t hesitate call today.


Things you need to plan for when turning 65 !

Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment: “Things To Do”

Are you the type of person that has to plan everything out so that you feel like you are in control?  Is your life, a long list of “things to do”?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then there is one more thing you need to add to your list, especially if you are approaching retirement age and this will certainly make you feel that you are more in control that you ever have been.  You must pick up the phone and call your medigap insurance agent and ask for information regarding Medicare supplement open enrollment.  This bit of information could mean the difference of being financially secure in retirement to absolute destitution.  Let me explain.

As you may be aware, once you reach 65 you are automatically enrolled in traditional Medicare.  Medicare will cover approved procedures and service for items such as hospitalizations, emergency services, out patient services and medical equipment.  It is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B.  While Part A is essentially your hospitalization coverage, Part B is you medical coverage.  Part B will require a monthly premium as well as deductibles and co-payments.  It is great coverage and it will cover 80% of approved procedures and services leaving the remaining 20%, which is your responsibility.  If you are in excellent health the remaining 20% may not be a big deal for you.  However, if you have and kind of medical condition you may be setting yourself up for a financial disaster, especially if you are among the many who will be on a fixed income in your retirement years. This certainly will not figure into your plans and you will feel more out of control than ever before.  With a Medicare supplement plan you can plan almost to the penny what you out go will be as far as expenses for health care is concerned. 

As was stated above you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare at age 65, at that time you are eligible to enroll on a Medicare supplement plan.  If you do enroll during the open enrollment phase you have guaranteed coverage regardless of the condition of your health.  For one monthly premium payment your 20% responsibility will be covered 100%.  So go ahead and make your list of “things to do”, but be sure that calling 1-800-MEDIGAP.

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