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Individual Assurance Company AKA IAC
Individual Assurance Company

1-800-MEDIGAP or 1-800-633-4427

Individual Assurance Company is quickly becoming our agents favorite medicare supplement company.

Here are the top reasons we love IAC:

  • Fast Medicare Supplement Underwriting –  most Cases same day!
  • Low Cost Medicare Supplements
  • Great Customer Service
  • Paperless (they are one of the greenest companies we work with)
  • National Service Center- Open Late


Individual Assurance Company Medicare Supplement

Our customers have told us:

“Best service from an insurance company in all my 70 years” Ernest J – GA

“The agent was very professional” – Lilya Monuez

“They mad the process very easy” – Minnie CO


Individual Assurance Company has the fastest approval process out off all out carriers.

Changing from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare

Changing from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare

Changing from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare

Changing from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare

When can I Change from Medicare Advantage to Original Medicare?

If you are on a medicare advantage an are unhappy with the doctors, hospitals or lack of choice your open enrollment window opened Oct 15th in most cases.

Our call volume has tripled, so we know there are tons of questions and we are here to help.


Top Open Enrollment Questions:

When can I get off my Medicare Advantage?

How do I change my medicare advantage?

Can I switch my medicare advantage to original medicare?

How much will me new Medicare Supplement be?

What companies can help me get off my medicare advantage?


These questions and many more can be answered by calling our toll-free help line at 1-800-633-4427

Medicare Supplements 2016

Top companies voted on by our agents:

These companies have been voted on by our agents to have great service and prices.

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage -vs- Medicare Supplement

Medicare Advantage -vs- Medicare Supplement


 Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement 2016



  • Benefits can change annually.
  • Premiums can change annually. Most services require you to share costs which increases your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Medicare Advantage out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses have climbed steadily (20% to 30% copays for some companies) with 44% of plans having an OOP maximum between $5,000 and $6,700 in 2015.
  • Insurers, doctors, and hospitals can opt out at ANY TIME!
  • Some cancer treatment centers do NOT accept Medicare Advantage plans. An example in Texas is the MD Anderson Cancer facility in Houston, TX.
  • The plans typically require pre-certification on certain types of care.  Penalties would apply if you did not follow this rule.
  • More than 4.4 million Seniors in the last five years have been NON-RENEWED and/or CANCELED.  Contracts between the government and Medicare Advantage Plans are reviewed annually and the plans may not be renewed.
  • Over the next six years, projections are for Medicare Advantage enrollments to drop from current 13.9 million to 9.1 million, according to the Congressional Budget Office. WHY? Because of significant cuts to Medicare Advantage plans ($156 billion).  In other words, many people are choosing to leave these plans for better coverage through a Medicare Supplement.
  • The Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama on March 23, 2010, REDUCES Medicare Advantage funding.  Plan members must also use a doctor in their HMO or PPO plan network which makes the plans much more restrictive and these doctors can opt out of the plans at any time!




  • Guaranteed Renewable for life as long as premiums are paid on time.
  • Medicare Supplement plans include a Foreign Travel Emergency benefit to cover policyholders who travel overseas.
  • Policyholders do not have to decide on another company every Annual Enrollment Period or worry about cancellations. They can always keep their policies as long as the premiums are paid on time.
  • NO co-payments or co-insurance when you go to a doctor or hospital.
  • There is never a pre-certification requirement for certain types of care.
  • No surprises.  The benefit structure is locked in, so you know what you are getting from year to year.
  • As Medicare deductibles and co-payments increase, so do your Medicare Supplement benefits to cover those amounts.  Benefits NEVER decrease.

Medicare Supplement Quotes have shown thousands of dollars in savings over a consumers lifetime, and that is why we spend the time educating our consumers on the BIG DIFFERENCE as the overall cost of ownership between a medicare advantage plans and the medicare supplement plans.

Give us a call for a “NO OBLIGATION” options overview between Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement: 1-800-633-4427

Cost of Medigap Policies

Cost or Medicare Supplement Policies

Cost of Medigap Policies

Cost of Medigap Policies

The cost of Medigap Policies can change for many reasons, like:

  • Carriers leave the market
  • Insurance Companies file for a rate increase in your state
  • You are age band rated
  • The expenses go up in your community ratings
  • You change from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplements

These are all factors that may increase your cost of insurance. You may also feel the cost of your overall monthly expenses go up, as you might be getting less in your Social Security check because your Medicare Part A went up.

Medicare Part A Premium 2106

Medicare Part B Premium 2016

Many people have paid close to $100.00 out of their social security check every month, how ever the government has announced that 30% of the members will see an increase of their Medicare premiums to $159.00

That $159.00 will come directly out of the social security check every month.

Some of the reasons your Part A Premium may go up:

  • If you dont take your social security when it s available
  • If you don’t take premium out of your social security check
  • If your on Medicade

If you have questions about your overall health care costs, and out-of-pocket exposure call out Medigap Helpline toll free 1-800-

Long Term Care Insurance Quotes

Long term care insurance costs

Long term care insurance quotes call 1-800-633-4427 or 903-356-7914

The Costs Associated With Long Term Care Insurance

First you need to make sure you understand the difference between LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE QUOTES and DISABILITY INSURANCE.

Long Term Care Insurance provides benefits for individuals who need nursing home care, or in-home medical care, typically for extended time or long extended stays.

Many People call DISABILITY INSURANCE, long term care insurance as it does cover you for extended time out of work but is very different.

You may not see yourself spending missing work for more than 30 days, but the provisions of a long term care policy kick in when you have been disabled for more than 30 days. We make decisions about these policies when we are young and healthy, but anything could change that in a heartbeat.


A long term care insurance policy will help pay for your medical at home or in a facility after your short term care insurance has run out, or the long term care policy will pay a percentage of your salary when you miss work. The policy you choose will provide you with coverage that you do not receive from your health insurance, and you must shop for this insurance on your own. Many employers do not offer long term insurance as a part of their open enrollment period.

Long term care insurance rates and quotes

Long term care insurance rates

#1: The Top Ten Things You Need To Know

You must be fully aware of what a long term care policy does for you. Each policy is slightly different, and you must choose a policy that you believe suits your lifestyle. You may select a policy that pays for care at home without replacing your salary, or you may purchase a policy that replaces your salary. There are policies that will help you pay for medical care in a facility, and there are policies that have time limits.

Select a policy that has a time limit you are comfortable with. A disability policy starts when you have been out of work for more than 30 days depending on the plan you purchase, but you may need a policy that only lasts another 30 days. Anyone who does not believe they will be out of work for a long period of time should purchase a policy that has short terms. Anyone who is concerned about missing work for a long time should spend the extra money for more coverage.

A disability policy may come from the same company that offers your health insurance, but you must be keenly aware of overlap in the policies. Insurance companies may require you to file claims for certain services under different policies. You may end up covering a deductible twice, or you may end up tapping out one insurance policy before using another.

Selecting a disability care policy from a secondary insurance company will help you keep the claims for your healthy insurance and long term care separate. The disability care carrier has no idea what your health insurance company is paying, and everything associated with your long term care will be paid in a timely manner.

Ask your employer for assistance purchasing disability insurance. Your employer may offer short term care insurance at no charge to you, but you may find a grant or assistance that will help pay for your long term care policy. Do not go shopping for long term care coverage until you speak to your insurer.

Check what a new disability  policy covers. All policies have their own settings, and you must choose a policy that you understand. Some policies will replace your salary, but there are other policies that only cover your medical care. Do not purchase a policy without reading all the fine print associated with the policy.

You must understand the sort of coverage offered by the long term insurance carrier, and you must ask the disability  insurance carrier if they cover the illnesses that run in your family. There are carriers that will not cover certain illnesses, and you must be aware of which illnesses are not covered before you make a purchase.

A disability  insurance provider should offer you immediate service through an online portal. The disability company you choose may not have local agents, but you may have a simple way of contacting the company for assistance. Customers who are unable to receive assistance from their insurance company may misfile or forget to file important claims.

Your disability  provider may make provisions for the equipment or supplies that are needed during your recovery. You may have your wheelchair, crutches or walker paid for by the insurance provider, or you may go with a company that does not pay for these items. You are trusting in your health insurance provider to help pay for these items, but you must understand your health insurance before foregoing coverage for accessories.

The last step in choosing long term health care insurance is the price you are willing to pay. Long term care insurance should carry a low premium, but you must choose a policy that gives you coverage at a fair price. Any long term care coverage that is too cheap or too expensive could be problematic in the future.

Saving Money On Your Long Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance

The long term care insurance you purchase must be purchased from a reputable company that has a good credit rating. You may find a company’s credit rating online, and you may check their credit rating with multiple agencies. Any provider with a poor credit rating will invariably charge you more every month for your premium. You are better off choosing a company that has a stellar credit rating and financial history.

You may use a premium comparison website to see which company offers the lowest prices, and you may compare their coverage to the price they charge. You must eliminate companies that charge too much, and you will eliminate any company that does not offer enough coverage for you or your family.

Your long term care insurance and disability  insurance will save you money when you are purchasing from a company that offers good coverage at good prices. The time you spend balancing price and coverage will pay off when you take on the policy. You may never use the policy, but you must have a policy that you believe will help when the time comes.

Most who purchases long term care insurance and disability  are healthy, but you could be out of work for several months after an injury or surgery. The policy you choose will help you replace your salary, pay for your care and purchase equipment needed for your care. Do not overlook long term care insurance and disability insurance Insurance when protecting yourself.



Cheap Senior Health Insurance Quote

Cheap Senior Health Insurance Quote

Cheap Senior Health Insurance Quote





We get a ton of requests for cheap senior health insurance quotes, and the answer is always the same. There is NO CHEAP insurance for seniors unless:

1) You are on medicare Part A and Part B and can qualify for Medicare Supplement


2) You qualify for a subsidy under the affordable health care act. Call for Quotes

If you have to pay full price for health insurance, it will not be cheap!

Medicare Supplements can help cover the gap left behind by Medicare but they are not cheap!

Senior Health Insurance

You can pick from Several Different plans:

Medicare Plan F (High Deductible) is typically the least expensive in monthly premium. Just like the plan name says, it comes with  HIGH DEDUCTIBLE.

Medicare Supplement Plan F is typically more expensive than other plans however it is going to provide greater benefits, by limiting the deductible.

Give us a call to learn more about your options!


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

1-800-MEDIGAP has quickly fallen for its home town insurance company, making it on of the top carriers we offer.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers not only great customer service to their agents, but we here form customers all the time how wonderful their service is.

Thanks BCBSTX!


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplements

We find many customers like the benefits, service and price of the Blue Cross Medicare Supplements in Texas. The have an online enrollments for easy 24 hour a day enrollments!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Health Insurance

Last year as a company we enrolled more people into this plan than any other in Texas. In-fact we did more in our home state of Texas that any other state in the Union. THANKS TEXAS!!!

We are very happy to individuals and families in need of a new Health Insurance plan in Texas, and hope that you think of 1-800-MEDIGAP for all your Texas Health Insurance needs.

Individual and Family Health Insurance


Do one of these Life Events apply to you?

  • I and/or my dependent(s) lost minimum essential coverage
  • Involuntary loss due to reasons other than non-payment of premium or recession
  • Due to reaching the maximum age, legal separation, divorce, or death of the policyholder
  • I am no longer eligible for my prior health insurance plan due to termination of employment, reduction in number of hours of employment, loss of employer contribution toward my premium, or I have exhausted my COBRA benefits
  • I am no longer residing or living in my prior health insurance plan’s HMO service area
  • I have a claim that would meet or exceed a lifetime limit on all benefits
  • I have lost coverage because my plan no longer offers benefits to the class of similarly situated individuals
  • I have lost coverage through my group HMO because I no longer reside or work in the service area and no other package is available
  • I gained or became a dependent due to marriage
  • I gained or became a dependent due to birth, adoption, or placement for adoption or foster care
  • An error occurred in my previous health plan enrollment on, or I have adequately demonstrated that my previous health plan or issuer substantially violated a material provision of its contract with me
  • The Health Insurance Marketplace has determined that I or my dependents are newly eligible or ineligible for payments of the advance premium tax credit, or have a change in cost-sharing eligibility, or misconduct by a non-marketplace entity
  • I gained access to new health plan options because of a permanent move
  • My current policy is ending in a non-calendar year

Individual and Family Health Insurance


If you are looking for Health Insurance Gap coverage, or short term health insurance while you wait for your new ACA plan give us a call and we can help you fill the gap.

Buy Short Term Insurance in Texas

All other states call

Local Health Insurance Enrollment Center

Visit the app store, to download our local enrollment center app.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Online Enrollment

Medicare Workshops

Medicare informational meetings

Local Medicare Workshops

1-800-MEDIGAP is the leading toll free helpline for Medicare Supplemental insurance. We feel it is very important for our customers to fully understand Medicare and the retirement process. This is why we have developed the Local Medicare Seminars program, to you get the information you need to make informed decisions.


Local Medicare Workshops

local-medicare-workshop-budddy-systemHere is a very popular system that helps medicare beneficiaries!

Medicare Buddy System!



STEP 1: FIND A BUDDY- When attending these workshop we suggest you use the MEDICARE BUDDY SYSTEM. Find someone you know and trust, that is in the same position as you and agree to be MEDICARE BUDDIES.

Step 2: Both of you (individually) write down a list of questions you want to get answered, and then discuss your questions with one another. This will spur on other thoughts and questions you will then add to a joint list of questions .

Step 3: Arrive at the Medicare Workshop early, and provide your presenter with this list if he or she is available. If not, use this list during the questions and answers sessions at the workshop.

Step 4: After the presentation and workshop, get back together and share notes with one another. This will allow you to make sure you both got the same answers, as well as provide an opportunity to review your future steps.

SPECIAL NOTE: We suggest you don’t sit with your buddy at the presentation, by doing this you will double the people the 2 of you site next to at the workshop and you may find the questions they answer trigger questions for you. This also gives you both a chance to make NEW BUDDIES to add you your “BUDDY SYSTEM”

We know that there is a ton of information to process, and we hope you remember 1-800-MEDIGAP  when you start asking questions about Medicare Supplements and MEDIGAP INSURANCE plans.


local medicare seminars

Social Security Insurance

Social Security Insurance

Social Security Insurance

Social Security Medicare

Social Security Insurance is what most people call Medicare Supplemental Insurance.

Often times things blur together, and people lump everything that happens with the government process while turning 65 or retiring together.


LOOKING FOR A SEMINAR NEAR YOU? >> Searh by zip code

Social Security is a benefit you qualify for, and there are many factors that go into factoring your social security benefits. The government has a great Social Security Benefits calculator.

Many people also start getting Medicare benefits around this same time, which enrolls them into Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, which is most likely taking the place of you group or individual health insurance plan.

Once you put all this together, and realize medicare does not cover everything you start looking doe Social Security Insurance, then quickly find out what your looking for is a medicare insurance and then you find yourself asking even more questions like:

What is a medigap Plan?

How much will it cost to get insurance to cover what medicare does not cover?

and the questions start to add up.


We are hear to help you with your Medicare Supplement plan, so please give us a call at 1-800-MEDIGAP (1-800-633-4427)

Here are a few important numbers and links to help you.

Social Security Phone Number

If you are looking for social security retirement information visit >>

Social Security Estimator

The Social Security Benefit Calculator is located >>>

Social Security Retirement Age


Social Security Retirement Benefits


Social Security Application

How to apply for Social Security ? Visit >>

Social Security Estimator

The social security benefits calculator is HERE


Social Security Benefits Age

How to


Social Security Retirement Calculator

How to


Social Security Full Retirement Age

How to


When to apply for Social Security

How to


Social Security Application

How to


Social Security sign up

How to get information on
Social Security Sign up
click here


Social Security retirement Application

How to get information on
Social Security retirement Application
click here


Social Security full retirement age

How to get information on
Social Security full retirement age is not as easy as just saying 65, many people have chosen to file-suspend or keep working to maximize there full medicare benefits but need to understand the full implications of this, as well as understanding what starting your MEDICARE PART B. Speak to an advisor, an account or professional in this ares if you have questions.
click here


social security and retirement

How to get information on
social security and retirement
click here


social security normal retirement age

How to get information on
social security normal retirement age
click here


social security retirement age chart

How to get information on
social security retirement age chart
click here


social security calculator early retirement

How to get information on
social security calculator early retirement
click here


application for a social security card

How to get information on
application for a social security card
click here


full social security age

How to get information on
full social security age
click here


Local Medicare Information Meetings

Local Medicare Information Meeting

Local Medicare Information Meeting

We understand how important the Medicare process for people turning 65, that is why we have launched the MEDICARE SEMINARS app on the itunes store.

Here you will be able to find local medicare information meetings to attend, put on by different presenters in your area, giving you the opportunity to ask questions “LIVE” face-to-face with a professional who has helped others just like you.


We suggest the following before you attend a LOCAL MEDICARE SEMINAR:

1) We suggest you write your questions down one week in advance to the meeting, as they will typically stir other questions through out the week that you will want to include on the list.

2) Find a partner or friend, we call a MEDICARE BUDDY who has either been through this before or is going through the process now, and partner up, Encourage them to write down a list of medicare informational questions as well. IT WORKS BEST IF YOU DONT SHOW THEM YOUR LIST FIRTS. Then compare the list to one another, as this will start some conversation and most likely end up providing more questions to add to the list before you attend a Local Medicare Workshop.

3) Get to the location early, and sit toward the front. There are usually a large crowd, with over 10,000 people a day turning 65.

4) Make sore you know your Part A and Part B effective dates prior to the event, as they will give you a jumping off point for the process and provide sensitive timelines specific to you.

5) After the meeting, get back together with your medicare seminar buddy and compare notes, to make sure al the questions on the list were answered.

This will give you a great start to the process or Schedule an appointment with a Medicare Supplement Agent


There is a ton of important information you need access to, and when it comes time for your MEDICARE SUPPLEMENTS please call 1-800-MEDIGAP for all your medicare insurance needs.


Medicare Seminars, medigap quotes,medicare supplement quotes,medicare information meetings and more

Medicare Seminars, medigap quotes,medicare supplement quotes,medicare information meetings and more