Employee Benefits

  • Employee Benefits

  • Employee Benefits & Payroll Punctual, stress-free payroll preparation, tax reporting and payments
  • Benefits Affordable benefit plans to help contain HR costs
  • Risk & Compliance  guidance expertise with federal and state employment-related laws in all 50 states, with particular expertise in reducing and managing workers’ compensation claims
  • HR Team Deep HR expertise, special focus on handling flexible workforces
  • State of the art technology provides a secure environment, making HR administration simple

1-800MEDIGAP can help.

We are not just the leaders in Medicare Supplemental Insurance, we also provide top tier services for small to medium businesses.

If your company size is 40 to 4000, we can help you  control costs, and save time.

Give our employee benefits team a call for white papers and a “NO OBLIGATION” review.


PAYROLL: 1-800-MEDIGAP provides a choice of payroll submission and management options, including paper checks or direct deposit, tax deposits and payments, W-2 preparation, job costing, payroll reporting.

BENEFITS: Our master plan partner offers affordable benefit packages that are fully compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

RISK COMPLIANCE: Workers’ compensation administration is complex and time-consuming. Our team manages it for companies with a convenient pay-as-you-go program—no deposits, no advance premiums, no deductibles, no year-end audits or other hassles. This helps eliminate large upfront premium payments, improving cash flow.

In addition, we assist businesses with claims reporting and administration, OSHA compliance, work-site hazard assessments, medical case management, drug-free workplace programs and more. Employment Practice Liability Insurance coverage is part of our overall comprehensive loss-control strategy, protecting clients from claims of wrongful employment acts, such as discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination.

1-800-MEDIGAP partners and team members are responsible for many compliance-related tasks, including providing notices/communications about the various benefit plans, processing open enrollment, and providing employee handbooks.

1-800-MEDIGAP holing offers an EASY TO REMEMBER single point of contact for clients for all HR matters.

  • Handles client onboarding and ensures that first payroll is run accurately
  • Advises on benefits funding strategies
  • Assists with enrolling employees in health care plans

Give us a call your entire company will “THANK YOU”

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