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Long Term Care Insurance

I’m Sick for Much Longer than I Expected. How Do I Cover That?

Some people will find themselves in need of care not covered under their existing medical-insurance plans. Some illnesses require long-term-care, which often exceeds the limitations set in medical-insurance policies. For these individuals, long-term-care insurance provides a means to pay for non-traditional care-settings except for nursing-homes, for which the insured can purchase a separate policy. An unforeseen accident can result in the need for extended care in many different settings. Some illnesses may require the insured to receive in home care. The US Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) identifies the base cost for a home-health aide at $21 per hour...GET MORE INFO

Life Insurance

I Don’t Know If I Should Get Life-Insurance. Why Should I? 

Life-insurance provides financial security to loved ones left behind when someone passes away. By choosing to purchase a life-insurance policy, people guarantee their death won’t become a burden. The cost of funeral expenses has grown exponentially. With the costs for a minimal funeral rising into the thousands, people rarely have the financial backing to pay for a funeral. Furthermore, many people find themselves emotionally unprepared for the death of a loved one. This type of insurance can be purchased for temporary or permanent terms. By selecting an appropriate policy...GET MORE INFO

Dental Insurance

My Teeth Hurt, and I Can’t Pay Out-Of-Pocket For a Dentist.

Dental work remains one of the most expensive services a person receives in life. Many people choose to forego dental exams and preventative maintenance due to the financial cost. The rise of sugar in the American diet contributed to this crisis of cavities, bad-breath fueled by Gingivitis, and infections spread from oral abscesses. While teeth causing health problems seem absurd, they have been linked to complications causing kidney or cardiovascular failure...GET MORE INFO

Final Expense Insurance

I’ve got the Funeral Covered, But How Do I Pay the Remaining Bills?

Advertisements promoting awareness of a person’s final expenses flicker across televisions and publications across the nation. When dealing with the pending loss of a loved one, people find solace in an ending to pain and suffering of the deceased. Unfortunately, the true battle is only beginning for family members and friends left behind. Final-expenses describe the last costs associated with a person’s life. These expenses don’t end with the cost of a funeral service. Unpaid bills upon death will be inherited by those left behind. Family members experience the stress caused by the intense amount of grief felt...GET MORE INFO

Disability Insurance

I had an accident, and now, I'm not working.

In Texas, someone is injured every 2 minutes 16 seconds. Every 2 hours 36 minutes, someone in Texas dies from an on-the-road accident. What happens next depends upon the insurance company. The auto-insurance-company can take years of investigation, court battles, and negotiation to settle a claim. While this may seem like it will take care of expenses, still, it leaves the injured facing the struggle of paying expenses from the accident and the costs of living. Food must be purchased, the electric-bill must be paid, the car-company won’t go more than a few months without payment, and the house is dangerously approaching foreclosure of the mortgage. For people working in high-risk work environments, e.g. the oil-fields, the chances of experiencing an injury preventing a person from working increase dramatically...GET MORE INFO

Burial Insurance

What If I Only Want My Funeral Costs Covered?

People seeking insurance that strictly covers the costs of a funeral will find burial-insurance a suitable option. Burial insurance gives the insured peace-of-mind that the costs of a funeral will be paid for. Burial-insurance is actually a misnomer. Its connotation leads many people to believe it doesn’t cover funeral costs or cremation. In reality, it covers the entire funeral and cost of burial or cremation. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral cost $7, 045 in 2012...GET MORE INFO

Nursing Home Insurance

I Need to Receive Additional Care in a Nursing-Home, But the Medical-Insurance Said, “It’s Not Covered.”

Ailments requiring long-term care strike approximately 70% of the US population. Nursing-homes, the predominant venues of long-term-care, cost an average of $205 per day according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, for a semi-private room. While the majority of people believe nursing homes only provide care for the elderly, these facilities provide care to individuals of all ages. Some nursing-home residents need care for stroke or accident rehabilitation or the exacerbation of diseases-e.g. pneumonia, AIDS, influenza, or cancer. These types of illnesses can take weeks, if not months, to heal...GET MORE INFO

Vision Insurance

Eye health is extremely important to overall well-being. Generally Vision Insurance acts as a supplemental policy to other medical insurance plans. Vision Insurance will help cover the costs for routine checkups, and any vision correction wear prescribed by your physician. Some medical policies may offer coverage for medical eye exams, but may not offer coverage for comprehensive routine eye exams. Make sure to review your medical policy carefully to decide what Vision Insurance plan is best for you ...GET MORE INFO