How does it work?

Think of of it as purchasing a bucket of money at a fraction of the cost to help offset the expense associated with your medical deductible and co-insurance.

healthcare gap plans




Why you "YOUR CUSTOMERS" should have it?

As healthcare costs continue to increase, many individuals and businesses are moving towards high-deductibles and increased co-insurance on major medical plans in an effort to reduce costs. While this approach reduces the cost of your health insurance, it puts you at greater financial risk. In fact, more than six in 10 adults who say they have problems paying their medical bills are covered by health insurance.*


Medical Gap Insurance helps bridge the gaps in the coverage that exist in your current health insurance plan by reducing or even eliminating the Out-of-Pocket expenses associated with hospital and doctors bills. IT pays the difference in what your medical plan would pay and what you or a covered family member would owe.

Benefits are limited to the deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance amounts that you or each of your covered family members are required to pay under your current health insurance and include:

  •  -In-patient hospital expenses

  •  -In-patient surgeries

  •  -Physician’s hospital charges

  •  -Plus 50% of covered Outpatient expenses which are considered eligible expenses under your current health insurance plan


We are excited about offering this Medical Gap Insurance, and would love to help make the most of every opportunity.

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