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No. Things People Wished They Knew About Health Care
1. Importance of health insurance
2. Difference between in-network and out-of-network providers
3. How to read an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement
4. What a deductible is and how it works
5. Importance of preventive care and regular check-ups
6. How to choose a primary care physician
7. What to do if you can’t afford health insurance
8. Importance of understanding your medications
9. How to shop around for the best prices on prescription drugs
10. What to do if you’re denied coverage for a medical procedure
11. How to appeal a health insurance denial
12. The importance of maintaining your own medical records
13. How to find a specialist
14. What to do if you need emergency care
15. How to negotiate medical bills
16. The importance of mental health care
17. How to find mental health resources
18. The importance of getting a second opinion
19. What to do if you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness
20. The importance of staying informed about health care policy
21. How to navigate the health care system if you’re an immigrant
22. The importance of dental care
23. How to find a good dentist
24. What to do if you don’t have dental insurance
25. The importance of eye care
26. How to find an eye doctor
27. What to do if you don’t have vision insurance
28. The importance of women’s health care
29. How to find a gynecologist
30. What to do if you can’t afford birth control
31. The importance of men’s health care
32. How to find a urologist
33. The importance of LGBTQ+ health care
34. How to find LGBTQ+ friendly providers
35. The importance of pediatric health care
36. How to find a pediatrician
37. The importance of geriatric health care
38. How to find a geriatrician
39. The importance of palliative care
40. How to find a palliative care specialist
41. The importance of hospice care
42. How to find a hospice provider
43. The importance of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
44. How to find a CAM provider
45. The importance of physical therapy
46. How to find a physical therapist
47. The importance of occupational therapy
48. How to find an occupational therapist
49. The importance of speech therapy
50. How to find a speech therapist
51. The importance of rehabilitation therapy
52. How to find a rehabilitation therapist
53. The importance of home health care
54. How to find a home health care provider
55. The importance of hospice care at home
56. How to find a hospice provider that offers home care


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